About Me
I love the space in between art and décor. To examine the point at which they begin to intersect and finding the things that blur the boundaries. I see things with the eyes of an installation artist challenged to fill a room with objects that push the definition of décor.
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    Custom Room Decor


    Jen Talbot featured on Daily Candy

    My latest project Sod Room was featured on Daily Candy Nesting Instinct today! Check it out: here



    Pintrest Crushes

    I wanted to share a few of my Pintrest crushes as of late.  Love the leaf people, wrong in the right way....


    The Sod Room Playspace: Images

    We just wrapped up the photo shoot for the Sod Room and the images turned out stunning! Thanks to my enormously talented photographer, Amy Braswell.  Daily Candy, Nesting Instinct is doing a little blurb on me for the space set to be posted 2/27!  But I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots before it went to press.



    Bird Art

    It seems that the bird fad will not fade anytime soon. I equally love the bird image...something universally pleasing. I always love the idea of using whimsical adult art for kids room wall art. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Courtney Oqusit

    Corella Design

    Stephanie Coleman

    Marmee Craft

    Golly Bard

    Jury Romanvo



    Scholastic Book Fair Decorations

    This will be my forth year as co-chair of the decorating committee for the Scholastic Book Fair at Central Elementary. My fearless partner (thank you Katie!) and I have had a great time upping the stakes every year to out do yourselves from the year before.  

    The first year (sadly) I do not have any documentation of the 50's Dinner theme, in which we created a 4 foot milkshake, complete with striped straw and glitter covered cherry on top. Was super fabulous....

    The second year, was a Carnival theme, we went for under the big top direction and created huge elephant, fortune teller and circus topper over the stage. 

    The third year, was a Hawian theme, we created a huge Tiki head with a paper lei over the entrance door, flamingo, pelican and surf board pointing the way. Outisde the auditorium door was a 5 foot, fufu drink that was the thank you board for all the parent volunteers who work tirelessly to run the whole operation smoothly.

    This year, the official theme is Story Laboratory, to liven' things up we went the Mad Scientist direction....natch, and created a gigantic Einsteinesque head for over the door. Other elements joining the Einstein head will be a robot, beaker as thank you sign for volunteers and currently in the works in a huge brain that will rest on the floor just outside the auditorium. We install next week for start of the fair Friday Jan. 18th., so I will posted pics of the everything installed next week.